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#NotAlone on Suicide and Depression: What can we do?

Understanding depression in ourselves or those we love can be difficult and frustrating. The roots of depression and feelings that lead to suicide are complex. This illness affects us all in one way or another. What can we do to help and get better?

10 Tips for Non-Profit Social Media Success

I had the pleasure of speaking at PodCamp East recently. My talk was on "Cultivating Zombies or Activating communities". We covered quite a bit of ground, so, I thought I would highlight some of the tips we tal...

On Inspiration from “The Life and Times of a Remarkable Misfit” by @AJLeon : A Push In the Right Direction

"Don’t ever stay inside when the stars are kind enough to dance for you." [email protected] I just read AJ Leon's manifesto: The Life and Times of a Remarkable Misfit. An extremely powerful piece of writing. To...