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I want to bring you social media inspiration every day. Starting with the coffee šŸ™‚

IĀ  like bringing social media into my every day, problem is, there aren’t many “Social Media-Social Good” Mugs out there, and it’s rare to find a T-Shirt that really says anything. Where are all the inspirational quotes, the things to keep us on our social media track? Let’s face it, social media swag is not as of yet very clever or inspirational.

What if I wanted to give someone a gift, a social media gift?

I was getting tired of the “Follow me on Twitter” and “I blog, therefore I am” stuff.

VERY unoriginal. So…

I designed some myself.

Inspired by social good, the amazing experience of the #140MTL, all the incredible people I have met, and the vision I have of social media and all it’s possibility.


The “OverBlog Princess – Social Good – #140MTL 2012 Mug”


The Freedom of Tweet Mug

This mug was inspired by the Olympic Social Media Policy article I wrote on Social Media Today. It says: “Every Voice Matters … FREEDOM of Tweet” In line with the values of my recent #140MTL where everyone’s experience is different, but everyone’s experience counts.

Revolutionary Minds GET Connected

This one is like my totally favorite design. I was trying to capture in words what social media means to me. No matter how you read it, it’s true, and depending on where your eyes go, it says different things. You’ve got the logo by Little Animation created to celebrate the #140MTL on the back. These are just acouple of examples, but I make the design in several different colors, and with differnt backs, so please check out my store if you like what it says šŸ™‚

Get Revolutionary, Be Inspired (Army Tone Option) Tshirt
Get Revolutionary, Be Inspired (Army Tone Option) Tshirt by Milaspage
This one is available in tank tops and lighter colors too. I just love what it says.


Get Revolutionary, Be Inspired (Brown) Tshirts
Get Revolutionary, Be Inspired (Brown) Tshirts by Milaspage

There Is No Time Mug
There Is No Time Mug by Milaspage
Create a unique personalize coffee mug from


This is My T-Shirt Design

Find it on shirts for men and women here

The back varies from “Freedom of Tweet” to “#140MTL” with the awesome logo by JC Little. Check it out.

Get Revolutionary Inspired Tank (Yellow)
Get Revolutionary Inspired Tank (Yellow) by Milaspage

Thanks to JC Little @LittleAnimation for the awesome #140MTL logos šŸ™‚ She’s got a great shop here if you’d like to visit her!

Please note that if you buy something, I will make a dollar or two – full disclosure. I’m sharing because I like these things and what they stand for and a few of my friends thought these items were kind of cool too, so now you can find them here easily šŸ™‚ Thank you for liking my stuff!