Writing and Producing in the Online space - There is no better ti... - Mozilla Firefox 2013-11-20 12910 AM.bmpIn an environment where many businesses are afraid to take the risk, I feel it is important to provide access to information about technology that helps businesses provide open environments for employees, increased communication and superior service to their clients. This approach leads naturally to increased sales and profitability for overall successful results.

Mila is an author for several sites, including her own blog Perspectives, listed in All Top. She is an international speaker and social business consultant for business and non-profit. In addition to writing, she also produces video content and is an event photographer. She has been cited internationally in print and in the media on various topics from Social Business Strategy, to event management, employee engagement, social policy and insurance. She speaks at events and workshops geared at helping business people better understand social strategy, marketing and employe engagement and how to get involved in the online space.

Click to read my latest column in Arabian Business Start Up Magazine.

Click to read my latest column in Arabian Business Start Up Magazine.

About this blog
This blog focuses on all aspects of social business, leadership, employee engagement, customer service and various topics. I hope you will join our community in conversation; that’s what social media is all about.
Mila Araujo Perspectives Blog featured in All Top
I am a contributing author to  Social Media Today, Business 2 Community, Grow, The Online SafeHouse and Winning at the Insurance Gamble

I am also honored to have been featured in: “The Mila Araujo School of Commenting” on Geoff Livingston’s blogAlexandra Levit’s Water Cooler Wisdom in the article 4 Reasons Why Social Media Use = Great Customer Service” (originally published on Intuit’s Quickbase blog) and in the interview Five Questions on ILSTV.com.

Although my presentation style is more conversational, interactive and less slide based, you can find some of my presentations on Slideshare here, and others on my Youtube channel

Linked In Top 1 Percent Backgrounder: In 2011 I was fortunate to attend many conferences on the subject of Social Media, something that I continue to do as I expand my knowledge, meet new friends, and get inspired. I feel that these conferences provide such value, that I felt it was important to bring an event like the ones I had attended to Montreal. With the sponsors, my social media community, as well as the the kind permission of Jeff Pulver (founder of #140 Conferences Worldwide) , I produced #140conf Montreal May 15th, 2012.

Thank you for joining me on my blog, I look forward to sharing ideas and growing together!

Selected Presentations
Impact 99 Social HR Conference : Social Workplace Case Study

Impact 99 Social HR Conference : Social Workplace Case

Mila has been cited internationally in print and in the media on various topics from Social Business Strategy, to event management, employee engagement, social policy and insurance.

Mila presented at the #140Conference Montreal, on the Social Media for Real Estate panel, as well as in individual presentations which covered how to get into and succeed using Social Media which was geared for business people trying to understand the value of online interactions.

McGill University : Writing and Producing In The Online Space

Writing and Producing in the Online space – There is no better time than now

Ignite a Social Workplace HR Conference

Impact99 Presented experiences in using social media tools within the organization to engage employees and improve processes for customer service, productivity, communication and sales.

Social media in the workplace case study in implementation


Pod Camp East, Social media for non profits (NGO)

“Cultivating Zombies, or Activating Community” view Slides

Speaking Consulting and Events

This list includes public events that I have attended or been a guest presenter or panelist at.

Private events will not be listed.

If you are interested in having me attend, speak or participate in an event, please send me an email or connect with me on Linked In. I would love to have the opportunity to get involved!Kred Elite Photo


140 Conference Hudson ValleyAugust 2011

Blog World Los Angeles – November 2011  The World’s Largest Social Media Event 275+ Speakers, 3 Days of Cutting-edge Sessions & Workshops, a Tradeshow Exploding with New Media Resources.

BrandsConf, New YorkNovember 2011

140 Conference Montreal – Organizer: Launch Party and Cocktail with Guest Speaker Jeff Pulver – November 2011

Social Media Business Summit Buffalo – “Twitter Tutor” – February 2012

140 Conference Montreal – Producer, Speaker and Panelist – May 2012

35   Spectacular Speakers, leaders in the social business field, from all areas from Marketing to Human Resources presented. Presentations are available on Youtube.

Blogworld New YorkJune 2012

Aviva Community Fund – Speaker “Using Social Media for Social Good While Promoting Your Business” – 3 Events, September 2012

Launched in September 2009, the Aviva Community Fund encourages Canadians to share ideas and vote online at AvivaCommunityFund.org for causes that are meaningful to their communities. After several rounds of voting to identify Canada’s favourite ideas, a panel of independent judges is tasked with reviewing the causes and selecting the winners.

TribeUpNYCSeptember 2012

Pod Camp East – Speaker “Cultivating Zombies or Activating Community: Non-Profit Challenges in a Social Media World” September 2012

Impact99 HR Conference “Ignite a Social Workplace” – Speaker, Presented “Social Media In The Workplace” Case Study on Employee Engagement for increased productivity and results. October 2012

New Media Expo – Las Vegas – January 2013

Cut Through the Clutter #ContentMTL Workshop with Mark W Schaefer – “Content Marketing Panel” Panelist July 2013

Speaker, Writing and Producing in The Online Space, McGill University – November 2013

SpeakerPrintemps des réseaux sociaux 3e édition ,  Quebec City, April 2014

“Le Social Business” Click to view presentation (Slides in French  – Video in English) English version coming soon!

Photo Gallery

Capturing the energy of an event and it’s participants through photography

A collection of photos organized by event can be found on my Flickr Page for social media conferences and events here.

You can also view my collection of Montreal Impact Supporter group photos in my Sporting Event collection here.

Extended Bio
Mila Araujo from "The Mila Araujo School of Commenting"

Mila Araujo

Social Business Strategist and Speaker Producer #140 Conference Montreal


Featured in Alltop She’s been featured in “The Mila Araujo School of Commenting” on Geoff Livingston’s Blog, and on Alexandra Levit‘s Water Cooler Wisdom, in the article “4 Reasons Why Social Media Use = Great Customer Service” , originally published on Intuit’s Quickbase blog. Mila is an avid social media advocate who believes that the tools made available through technological advancements have given people new opportunity in all areas from personalFrom my slideshare on employee engagement, Presentation from #Impact99 "Bringing out the best in your company : Social Media in the Workplace"

Slideshare on employee engagement, Presentation from #Impact99 “Bringing out the best in your company : Social Media in the Workplace”

and professional development, to increasing effective communications both within organizations and into the community. Mila was an early adopter of social media for employee engagement, having used tools such as Rypple, Yammer and others for several years within her team. Mila is also the Director of Personal Insurance for Ogilvy Insurance. in Westmount, Quebec — a third generation, family-owned financial services firm with offices in Toronto and Montreal. Mila has over 15 years experience in the insurance industry. In addition to her insurance licensing, Mila has a diverse background in management, public relations, non-profit, and events. In previous roles, Mila organized international conferences on health care, as well as programs to promote health for seniors and children in partnership with the Government of Canada*. In 2009, she worked on a project with Modica Communications on the development of the Centre for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility, part of the Canadian government’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. As former PR Director for The Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice, she also consults for the organization on volunteer basis. Mila’s lived in Los Angeles, Paris, and Hawaii, and now calls Montreal home. Personal Motto: “Be the Dreamer Who Does”

**Integrated Easting Assistance Program for Seniors (IEAP), Cross-Canada Walk for Health Program

This is a picture of Deborah Weinstein with me on stage at #140MTL. Her talk on Social Media Crisis Management and PR was exceptional!

My mission is to help others see the value, shed some light on the possibilities, create new bridges, new relationships and spark great ideas for business owners and professionals.

 I share stories and ideas here, on my blog, with you. I am a business person, I believe in relationships, I have seen some amazing things using Social Media, and I believe this is something to share.

Mila Araujo
Social Business Strategist, Consultant & Speaker
Producer #140conf Montreal
Building Relationships | Customer Service, Leadership & Social Media
Director of Personal Insurance, Ogilvy Insurance