When Work and Social Life Collide by @katmandelstein



Kathy (Kat) Mandelstein

Kat Mandelstein is currently the Director of Social Business Strategy for Ant’s Eye View, a consulting firm for Social Business and Customer Experience. On Sept 21, 2012, Ant’s Eye View was acquired by PwC into their Customer Impact/Digital Business Advisory Practice. Previously Kat oversaw the worldwide Demand System, Digital Marketing and Events for Social Business and IBM Collaboration Solutions. Prior to that Kathy led the IBM Rational marketing team focused on the business value of effective software delivery. Kathy has been a pioneer in launching successful web and social media marketing efforts, as well as developing dedicated web communities.

For six years, Kathy led ibm.com/developerWorks and ibm.com/alphaWorks, in addition to marketing programs to developers for all of IBM. Her past history includes leading various Web development and marketing teams in IBM Software Group. Before joining IBM, Kathy managed one of the earliest successful retail Web sites, www.jcpenney.com. She also spent several years in advertising agencies before and after completing her undergraduate degree.

Kathy has over 20 years of professional experience in the areas of management, marketing, sales, web development, advertising and corporate communications. Mrs. Mandelstein holds a B.S. from the University of Texas at Austin and a Global MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. She also serves on the Global Board of SocialMediaClub.org and is past president of the local Austin chapter.

Specialties: Social Business, Social Media, Customer Experience, Marketing, Advertising, Web, Communities, Business Development, International Business, Software Development You can find her on twitter @katmandelstein.