Sponsorship “State of Now” 140 Conference Montreal


We love our sponsors because we know that without you events like this just aren’t possible!

Investing in Social Media, Investing in Relationships, Investing In Community, Investing in Montreal

The Social Business

140 Conference Montreal : Exploring the “State of Now”

Social media has altered the way we are doing business, it has contributed to the emergence of a new era in business communication, and to the strengthening of corporate relationships in community and among consumers.  This conference looks to provide a 360 experience to anyone looking to understand how to successfully use social media, by providing fast paced talks and networking opportunities covering successful strategies in Social Media across a range of industries and people. Join Ogilvy & Ogilvy Insurance, Aviva Canada, and Tourisme Montreal as sponsors who are investing in community, social media and relationships. Sponsoring this conference shows your commitment to community and to economic growth and development. Our ideal sponsors are socially conscious and relationship focused.

Join us in presenting the International #140 Conference to Montreal &  the world.

A first ever event of it’s kind in Quebec.

Let’s Build a great event together!