As more businesses struggle to:Listly Introduces Twitter Lists to Engage and Build Community - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox 2013-12-11 12221 AM

  • develop ideas for creating content
  • engaging community
  • find creative ways to maximize community development

Building expertise becomes critical to driving success in the online space. Meanwhile, consumers are struggling to keep up with the thousands of posts, emails, videos and information available to them every day.

Tweet: We are all creators, collaborators and we all like to participate

Nick Kellet, Co-Founder, @Listly


Two important questions and concerns rise to the top of list:

  • How do you manage the amount of information you consume every day without getting overwhelmed?

  • How do you add a new level of interaction for your readers that is both engaging and informative?

Listly has launched a new feature that promises to provide solutions for all of these issues. Join me in this brief video interview with Listly Co-Founder Nick Kellet,  and check out how Listly is innovating to make consumers and businesses lives easier with their latest update: Twitter Lists. (Tip: watch with captions too!)

  • Establish expertise by making resourceful lists for your clients and colleagues
  • Provide opportunities for others to get involved by contributing to lists, adding new people to the conversation and “voting”
  • Collect information in an easy to manage embeddable list form that you and others can refer to
  • Use Lists for your business, and personal life – the capability is only limited by your imagination
  • Enhance blog posts  with embeddable lists, and check out their new “Magazine Style” option too!

If you want to see a live example of how a Twitter list works through Listly, check out my list of Montrealer’s on Twitter, just one example of how you can zero in on a community, and invite others to get involved and help build the list that can be used as a resource to others in the community. Try one out for your community and see what happens!

Don’t forget to add your input by voting for members of the list or adding your own!

How do you use Listly? What is your favorite feature?