Time for a #140ConfMTL update!

I have been busy working with Tourism Montreal scouting out locations for the #140ConfMTL. We are really excited about bringing this international conference to Montreal in May 2012, it has been fantastic to have their support in making it happen.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day as I will visit the first couple of venues that have made the “final cut”. Searching for venues for a #140Conf is one of the most important steps in the planning process and it has been great to receive so many interesting proposals. One of the questions I get asked most frequently when scouting for sites or promoting the #140Conf is “What is #140Conf?” In May 2010 Jeff Pulver was a Key Note Speaker at Webcom Montreal. Kim Valee interviewed him in the Vlog below and asked the same question, who better than Jeff to answer.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQkpkQVmmPo?rel=0]

When people ask me what the #140Conf is, I say: it is an opportunity to learn and share the experiences people , brands, non-profits and businesses are having using various digital media sites/platforms.

It is an opportunity to meet face to face, have a discussion and see examples of how Social Media is changing the face of business.

What makes the experience interesting is not only being able to share with the people present but also due to the active use of Social Media broadcasting that occurs during the event the world is able to “tune in” on livestream and join the conference; All the while, via twitter attendants tweet out key quotes, ideas and create live conversation in unison with the ongoing presentations.

Events surrounding the actual conference, whether it be in adjoining community rooms during the event where speakers and attendees connect in real life, or  at promotional pre-event tweetups or after parties, provide a rich environment for dialogue, exploration and new connections with people who are using social media successfully every day.

The #140conference is an opportunity to get involved, learn, network – but most importantly it is the perfect place to find answers, understanding and be inspired. The beauty is that by using Social Media at the event the messages, knowledge and inspiration are shared with the world in the most interactive live format possible.

The relationships built and the knowledge gathered, go on beyond the conference and the world becomes a smaller place, a more communicative place which opens opportunity to businesses and individuals alike.

What is the #140ConfMTL? Its the event that will connect the dots for so many people who have yet to understand how to use digital media to engage in conversation, to rally support for causes, or provide richer channels of communication for businesses and their clients. Its an opportunity to finally understand how to shine, simply by being authentic online.

What has your experience been with Digital Media/Social Media Conferences? What are your highlights?