“Technology has brought us to a point in which hundreds of millions if not billions of people have a voice, each voice can now be heard.” ~Jeff Pulver.

Communication is improving and it is changing the world we live in, for the better.

Jeff also clarified, that 140 conferences are not about Twitter, despite the #140 Character title, they are about what people are doing with this new form of communication and how this is changing our society.
Jeff let us know that he will likely be changing the name of the conferences in the new year, to reflect more accurately what is really shared at the events.The #140Conf does not teach you how to use twitter, nor does it focus on Twitter. The #140conf focuses on this phenomena social media is bringing – the changes we are seeing in the world due to increased communication, accessibility and interaction. Changes that touch everyone from individuals to communities and business.

The #140Conf explores how in today’s environment, every voice matters, if you want to reach someone, you now can – you just have to try. If you have something you want to say, say it and it will be heard, heard by anyone you want to reach, and then potentially even amplified.

   Jeff’s U.S. Airforce Story

He discussed how this increased communication and accessibility has enabled people to connect in ways that we haven’t seen before now.

What we are potentially seeing is that our technology has given opportunity to a rise in humanity, people reaching out in ways they never could before… and connecting.

The #140Conf Montreal will seek to explore this further as we invite speakers to share their views on what is happening, share their stories and together “explore the state of now”

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