Breaking The Barrier to Blogging: It's Time to Start Now.  Photo By Mila Araujo @Milaspage

7 Days to Breaking the Barrier To Blogging

Whether you are a social media professional, or a business person working on understanding social media, blogging is a key area that needs to be worked into your strategy. Not Another Blogging Post This post...
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#140 Conferences – Closing the Gap and Connecting.

I attended my first 140 Character Conference ( #140conf ) in the Hudson Valley this past August. It started by a tweet between @mediasres51 and @abovethestatic51 mentioning the event. I had recently seen some...
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Spirit, be True*

You do not own me I am here because I choose to be. The bustle of the city surrounds us Always crying for attention And the silence of a moment is only there if you stop to listen Stop in the street on...
Cobblestone Road your brick is out of place

Cobblestone Road – Take Charge of Your Future | Business

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