Cobblestone road.

In a sea of conformity, there is one that stands out.

One not weathered by the times, nor filed so it may fit –

One filling the gap, shining brighter than the others and saying nothing.

If you do not look, you may trip and fall.

You might file it down and try and hide it in the masses, asking it to conform.

You may pass it by as if it was never there.

But it is,

It is there.

And the road that has been there for centuries

Will change as each stone is replaced,

Until it will be no more.


The business world as we know it is changing. New opportunities exist for start-ups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, business people and professionals – like at no other time in our history.

Capitalizing on these changes seems to be the most challenging, yet at the same time, for those who are willing to investigate, learn and change, this time will be that with the greatest opportunity.

Social networks and social media have expanded allowing every individual and business owner to learn more, and reach more people.

It’s a new era, are you up for the challenge and the growth that is within your reach?

All you need is a community or resource to help you.

Through the various articles on my blog, I share ideas that help business people understand issues  like the value of Facebook Likes, whether or not to use automation is social strategy, concepts about blogging, or creating contests that really provide results.

This blog and my related social sites , like my Youtube Channel, are about learning – about using social strategy in your personal and professional life and creating opportunities for growth for yourself and your business.

It’s about establishing your brand, and understanding that a brand is not about a logo or a look, it’s about the soul of your company.

It’s about empowering employees and creating an environment for growth, innovation, success and exceptional service for all organizations, including non-profit.  It’s about smart marketing, and value.

It’s about taking charge of your future and taking your place to always stand out and succeed.

I am here to share my experiences as a business person, not a marketer, or a salesperson.  Here to help you take charge of this changing landscape.