When You’re Overrun With Fear. Leadership, Marketing and Culture – Creating Opportunity for Growth

How is Fear Altering Your Behavior - Is It Hindering Your Success? The greatest ideas in the world and the most innovative changes do not come from those who fear. They come from those willing to put themselves on the line, who face realities, who respond, and who also take a chance. In the workplace, fear of speaking up can hinder and organization by eliminating the opportunity for members of the community to drive positive change by sharing ideas. Often it's the collaborative perspective of people at all levels that add to the ability for a company to change with the needs of the consumer and to increase efficiency.

The Hidden Value of Location Based Apps for Business

There's a misconception in the business world on the potential of Location Based Marketing. Many companies focus on the "How do we use this to attract customers". However there is a flip side to the story, one ...
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140 Conference coming to Montreal in 2012! #140confMTL

Last Friday I had one of the most amazing conversations with Jeff Pulver, founder, and visionary of the 140 Conferences. I was so touched by my recent experiences at #140confONT and #140ConfHV that I felt I nee...
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#140 Conferences – Closing the Gap and Connecting.

I attended my first 140 Character Conference ( #140conf ) in the Hudson Valley this past August. It started by a tweet between @mediasres51 and @abovethestatic51 mentioning the event. I had recently seen some t...