There’s a misconception in the business world on the potential of Location Based Marketing. Many companies focus on the “How do we use this to attract customers”. However there is a flip side to the story, one many people in business just aren’t realizing. The power that location based apps give us to get to know our potential target clients, members of our community and our clients.

It’s Personal

When you as a business owner or business person start letting members of your community into your inner circles on location based apps, suddenly you have the opportunity to get closer. You get to know your clients, where they shop, what they do with their weekends, how much they travel. Sure it sounds like pretty high end market research, but take this to the base level. Take it to the one on one level, where you as a professional link in with your client, and you share with them all the things that they do. Suddenly you are seeing them taking their kids to sports, to the beach, going out to dinner, or maybe not doing any of this. As you get to know your clients via location based services you really develop an understanding of what they love, what they value. Next time you see them, you can ask them how they liked that camping trip, or about the great Thai restaurant they tried.

Two Location Apps that Give You New Insight to Your Client Base

Location based services like Foursquare and EchoerApp bring these previously cold relationships to deeper levels.

EchoerApp allows you to see what is happening in the community around you. It helps you frame what the people who travel through your area *really* think. It shows the ideas form and be amplified nearby, allowing others to guide themselves to the hottest spots, meanwhile providing insight to what the people in the area are really thinking. What do they really value?

Foursquare is individually based, it can help you get to know your client specifically.

Think about this when you consider the true value in getting involved in location based apps and services. Sure it’s great to make the mark for people to see you and what people are saying about you…but think about the flip side, isn’t it incredibly interesting to learn more about them?

Isn’t that the key to great service? Knowing your client?