Why bring this conference to Montreal?

We have a beautiful city, a unique culture, and the idea was that this conference would allow us to bring some wonderful people to discover Montreal, and in turn bring this international event to the Quebec population.

In 2011, as I participated as a broker in the promotion of the Aviva Community Fund, a fantastic initiative that allows non-profit organizations to compete using social media for a piece of a 1 Million Dollar give away, I tried to reach out to local non-profits to help them get involved in the contest, and obtain funding for their causes. Through these efforts, I became aware that so few knew how to work Social Media and among those who tried, they had not set up their “online community” which made finding sufficient support for their causes too difficult, they did not have the resources and they could not generate support fast enough to make it through the elimination rounds. While doing community outreach, I felt that there was a true lack of understanding, and therefore lost opportunity for so many of these wonderful causes. I know from my background in having worked in non-profit in Quebec, we have passionate communities, we have strong organizations – my conclusion was we aren’t doing enough to let our non-profits know how to use social media.

I believe that businesses, and non-profits who become involved in Social Media, and who understand the workings of this form of communication and engagement can thrive. We have a very rich culture, and participating in this type of conference provides an advantage that I believe Montrealer’s, Quebecer’s should have access to in order to compete in today’s marketplace and achieve new levels of success. This is the root of why I endeavored to bring the 140 Conference to Montreal. With the support of Ogilvy & Ogilvy and Tourisme Montreal, I approached Jeff Pulver to obtain his authorization to put the 140 Montreal into production and the rest is history.

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What Makes 140 Conference Different than Other Events

This is not like other business conferences. This is an event that will move you, teach you and inspire you.

What makes the 140 Conference different than any other conference is the pace at which you will experience speakers stories, the depth of how they will share their experiences with you, and the unique and important element of the conference which involves dialogue, interaction and exploration. In addition to the attending guests, the twitter & social media community worldwide shares in the event by watching via Live Stream and tweeting about presentations extending reach to millions of participants around the world. Producing an event accessible to everyone, is also an important aspect.

Social Media is about relationships, about interaction, about dialogue. The conference is unlike others people are not presenting to sell you a product or idea, they are coming together on the basis of “Sharing and Finding Meaning”. This event would not have been possible without Social Media. Everyone involved, all the relationships and what has made this event possible came from interactions and relationships started online.

The energy shared among participants, the excitement going into building this conference has been remarkable & we are very excited about presenting the 140 for the first time in Quebec and in Montreal! The speaker line up, the team and everyone involved is incredible, Montreal is in for a formidable event.

Your exploration of the social web simply isn’t complete until you have experienced a 140 Conference. Join us, May 15th, 2012 – Exploring the State of Now.




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