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#140ConfMTL Meetup Nov 30, 2011 Teaser Contest

Participate Online and #Win! Several prizes will be given away to online participants. To be eligible to you must do this: Identify the Theme at the Montreal Hotel Intercontinental by using the Video clu...
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140 Conference coming to Montreal in 2012! #140confMTL

Last Friday I had one of the most amazing conversations with Jeff Pulver, founder, and visionary of the 140 Conferences. I was so touched by my recent experiences at #140confONT and #140ConfHV that I felt I nee...
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#140 Conferences – Closing the Gap and Connecting.

I attended my first 140 Character Conference ( #140conf ) in the Hudson Valley this past August. It started by a tweet between @mediasres51 and @abovethestatic51 mentioning the event. I had recently seen some t...