February 20th is Love Your Pet Day

Although one might think the day is simply about highlighting one’s fur babies, what we have seen as the day unfolds is a beautiful example of how to use social media in a genuine way.

If you have been wondering What Periscope is All About, this is your chance to check it out!

If you can’t watch live, you can watch the video replays for #LoveYourPetDay here, on Katch.

Anyone can participate by using the hashtag in the title of a scope.

Creating Enjoyable Broadcasts

In an environment that is often filled with too much marketing and content clutter, Periscope offers the opportunity for real people to pick up a smart phone or tablet and broadcast easily, or watch a piece of someones elses world.

Although there is a fair share of marketing and regular social fare, events like #LoveYourPetDay, organized by @Summit_Live, give broadcasters an opportunity to scope about something simple and true: the pets they love. So far it’s been amazing!

The day has just begun, and in a short time we have heard grooming tips, seen puppies feeding, learned about food and nutrition, heard about pet accidents and positive stories of recovery, and even met a pet psychic! None of it prepared or expected. This is just what has come from the open conversations that happen when people get together and share a moment, and open lives to each other.


Brands and many marketers can take a lesson from @Summit_Live and the broadcasters on a day like today, to see how truly unscripted content, without ulterior motive, opens communication in a way that the public relates to.

As you watch these broadcasts, consider how as a Brand you could genuinely be involved in projects like this. Genuine marketing happens through genuine people.

How to Create Genuine Content – Take a Lesson From Periscope

The answer is easy:

  • Share something that provides value to your audience.
  • Listen to what people need or want – and give it to them
  • Be open and unafraid to take risks.
  • Share something you love or are passionate about

#LoveYourPetDay on Periscope seems to be providing all this.

I invite you all to take a moment and check out some of the broadcasts. You can watch them live on Twitter via the embedded custom search I created for you below using the hashtags, follow @Summit_Live and of course, tune in because I’ll be scoping with #PlateauJack and EllaBella soon!

Don’t forget to follow me on Periscope too. See you soon!

Have an amazing Love Your Pet Day Everyone!