Perhaps the most notable thing about Periscope is the insight into humanity

Periscope offers the world moments from the lives of people everywhere. Although fame on this platform is spreading quickly in regard to its ability to show anyone cities and travel destinations around the world, which I covered in my initial post here.

There is something else very special happening: genuine moments celebrating life itself, one person’s experience at a time.

How can marketers and brands best use Periscope?

  • Work within the community
  • Learn about the values of the people involved
  • Help influencers do their thing while providing value for the brand.
  • Consider partnerships to support the excellent broadcasting already happening.
  • Open your mind.

…and think about where YOU fit into this incredible platform.

As marketers, and in particular marketers looking to capitalize on Periscope for the brands they represent, it is worthwhile to step out of the day to day thinking and consider how one can add value to people by working with individuals in their already existing communities. Understanding the depth of what is happening in the emerging Periscope community and looking to add value. The rules have not changed, but the community of any platform deserves appropriate strategy and care.

The opportunity in Periscope is in helping people, and showing the world what you can do to make lives better.

This can involve sharing support for causes, showing how your product will help make people’s lives easier or sharing part of your daily business activities so people get to know your business.

Early last year, when Periscope was still relatively new, I caught this broadcast. A lot has changed since then, Periscope now allows people to save broadcasts, sharing is much easier and very strong communities have formed around those who broadcast on a regular and consistent basis. Although this broadcast is too old to be archived on Periscope itself, I was luckily able to capture it for you here. It is a good example of the genuine moments and random events you may encounter on any given day by watching Periscope. Denise a.k.a @lifeisurs2enjoy shares a glimpse of how she was touched by a girl, Ashley @BeautEfulMess who is full of life and laughter, despite the fact that she has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Watch and enjoy and consider the depth of value Periscope can offer – beyond the buzz.

Meet Denise @Lifeisurs2enjoy and Ashley

In part 1 of this video, Denise shares the story of an incredible thing that happened to her, but also shows her sharing some touching things about her own life as well, including an amazing trip she has planned to go to Cambodia and teach girls hairdressing to help keep them out of the sex trade. In part 2 (7:20) we see the earlier scope of the event she talks about in part 1, and get to meet Ashley, the girl who has brain cancer. Part 3 (10:45) wraps it up.