Cuttlefish (photo taken by me)

A Cuttlefish is not a fish at all, they belong to the same family as squid and octopus. They fascinate me; Wondrous creatures, well worth learning about. But, my story on the cuttle (fish) is not quite about the creature itself, but rather what it taught me about communication, connection, energy and possibility.

I’ve been on Twitter for several months now. While I started out using Twitter for purely business intentions, the thing I am most grateful for are the wonderful people I met and continue to meet every day.

So how does the Cuttle fish come in? I was getting ready to attend the #140ConferenceHV this week  preparing for my drive down tomorrow. Incredibly excited about meeting IRL so many of my #Usguys pals, who I’ve connected with so much on Twitter that I feel as though I know them, know them as friends, as colleagues, as guides and inspiration…  #Usguys, started off as a conversation, and has led to a tribe, a tribe of incredibly “joined” people.

Every experience with the people I have met through Twitter has been outstanding. In real life, they are even more wonderful than online. We have G+ hangouts, discuss things on Facebook, talk one on one. Everything is inspiring. Knowledge sharing and development of ideas is astounding. I am so grateful for every one of my Twitter friends and experiences.

So, I ask myself, how is it possible that such an amazing group of people joined together through Twitter? How is it possible that the quality of the interactions and of the people are so rich.

I started to think about Connection.

Connections “In real life” (IRL) , connections through Twitter…and how those connections develop, how they manage to grow…an environment that I have found to be filled with completely inspiring, proactive, marvelous people.

I believe that in this world we have all kinds of connections, we can follow them or we can turn from them.

What makes them successful, valuable, cherished?

The more open you are, the more of an experience you will have when communicating, learning and being with others.

Communicating with different people, traveling, and just having synergistic dialogue is such a precious experience.

Thinking about all of this, energy and connection I was reminded of a wonderful time, several years back, when I had the privilege of working as a volunteer at the Waikiki Aquarium,  while I lived in Hawaii. Although my tasks were in the offices and not on the floor, every day I would make a point to take a walk through the aquarium.

Enter the Cuttle (fish) and a true lesson in clear pure communication:

There was something magical about these floating beautiful creatures. With similar characteristics to the octopus, they change color and texture to match their environment. I would watch them as they moved from sand to rock, changing beautifully, seamlessly.

Complete grace.

Intently, I watched as they hovered over the sand, near the rocks..I watched how they would flow with their surroundings, gliding, softly changing. Mesmerizing.

I wanted them to come to the glass, so I could look in their eyes, they were so incredibly captivating. I wanted to know more. So I sat, and I waited, lost in observation... they didn’t really ever come to me.

Impatient, I decided to try and “communicate” and “engage” – focusing all my energy and good intention on one cuttle. I finally drew one up out of the sand, and it came to me, not just to the glass, but to me at eye level! Beyond that, what was amazing, is I realized as I was looking into its eyes, that it was starting to change color, and the color was exactly the color of my hair.

I can’t begin to express how amazing it was to see this, and without explanation of any other kind, I will say we were communicating.

Without language, without touch-  simply with energy and intention and acknowledgement.

Now that I knew what to do – every time from that day forward, I would sit at the glass and put my energy forward and the cuttle would come to my level , watch me and change.

Thrilling Engagement.

Communication goes far beyond just words, its an energy, an energy that flows between us as humans, as creatures.

Its an intention, and a willingness to put yourself out there, not just watch.

Later, I visited the Scripps Aquarium in San Diego. I hadn’t seen a Cuttle in years…I was anxious to see them again – I wanted to know, was the connection real, was there something in the communication, the ability to engage? I asked my friend to stand by and take a photo for me if it happened, a meeting eye to eye…. I focused…


And sure enough, it came to me.

The connection was there, I just had to put the intention in, the energy, the feel.

But would he also change color , like my friends in Waikiki…?

I waited…

This is as he changed color… magic.

Positive energy, and the openness to connect, really putting your energy into things, brings incredible possibility – connection.


Looking forward to connecting with some awesome “engagers” this week, IRL, who through their willingness to share,

have opened doors to great friendships, collaborations, experiences and success.

Engagement and communication –

You can talk to Cuttle fish, but more importantly, you can connect to the people in the world around you if you take that leap. Be a part of the conversation and not just a spectator.

What do you do in the twitter stream, do you watch the stream like I used to stare at the Cuttle fish,

or do you jump in and invest your energy and intention into engaging with others?

What’s your experience?