We’ve gone social. We don’t need to write about how we’ve done it anymore, everyone is connected – in one way or another – we are all online.

Social Media Isolation - They can use Facebook, or check email, however they are not connected in the flow. How do we reach them?

Despite this, some people are isolated from us, people we want to reach. They have the desire to hear us, but they simply do not want to use the tools we are using. It’s a challenge.

We can try and deliver a message all we want, but if we are not speaking the same language, if  the interaction is difficult, if the environment is foreign and uncomfortable, then no one will listen. We might as well go back to the drawing board because no one will listen if they don’t understand, no one will sit with you if you make it painful.

  •  Invite someone out for a coffee, but instead of meeting in a warm comfortable environment, invite them to join you outside and chat – but it’s negative 30 degrees Celsius. Are they really listening, are they going to come back for more? They are more focused and worried about their discomfort than anything else.
  • You’re watching TV, you’re flipping channels, your favorite person in the world is being interviewed, but its in a language you can’t even identify – will you watch it – no – you’ll move along.

When you don't understand the navigation in the social media world, it's like looking out into a vast desolate field. Where do you begin?

Its the same for social media. To some people the thought of getting immersed in online activity is as painful as that chat outside. Make it easy, make it accessible, make it a pleasure, then you have engagement.The key is to find that path, find ways to be accessible, make things easy, make it pleasant.

As we see more and more people online, networking, blogging, Facebooking (yes I’m “verbing” it) the challenge seems to be, how do you reach all these platforms? I talk to people every day, different kinds of people. People who don’t want to get into Facebook, because they just don’t get it, or already have too much in their lives, and don’t want to add another “thing” to keep track of. You’ve met them – maybe you’re one of them, and I twisted your arm to come check my post 😉 If they don’t even want to get into Facebook, how on earth do you think they will find you? They are still great prospects / clients…

Then, we’ve got people who already mastered Facebook, even are on Twitter and Linked In, but because of this, just don’t have the time to go through everything. They are challenged by management of their multiple streams. They aren’t on those social networks to look at others posts, they are there to be found – or to socialize with friends. They haven’t adapted the “resourceful” culture – they don’t know you have something to offer them. Maybe they want to check you out, but by the time they get home, or find the time at work, your message is lost in a pile of equally wonderful content.  We all have limited time. Where do we start?

Five Mobile Systems

Everyone has one in their pocket. Many would call it their favorite toy. Isn't this where you want to be?

I believe that mobile is the answer to so many issues we have in communication and accessibility with these groups. Its an opportunity to connect with anyone. A new way that you can connect with the ones who aren’t at ease with Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc. AND those who are overwhelmed with so much information, they don’t always get the time to filter your stream to find what you had talked about; You’ve spent the time building your online persona, well this is how you’re going to tie it all in and make it accessible to anyone: I’m calling this: Mobile You… a new perspective.

The key to PR or Marketing is reaching your audience in a way that works for them. You can put all the social out there, but if your target doesn’t relate, or can’t keep up – what’s the value? Who are you really talking to?  Continue Reading….


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