The news of the newly launched Huffington Post Quebec came as an exciting and welcome addition to the Social Media and news scene in Quebec.

Montreal At NightAs many of you know, one of the main reasons I felt it was essential to bring the #140Conference to Montreal (planned for May 15, 2012- registration now open!) is to share some of the wonderful things people and businesses have been doing with Social Media around the world with my home town, Montreal, and our province of Quebec.

Being a Quebec business person, and someone who has also worked very actively with many local non-profits & NGO’s in the past, I saw such an opportunity, if only more people could learn about some of the magic and success being seen using Social Media.

I think that one of the things that have been lacking is the huge divide between what has been accessible to the English population, vs. the French. I believe that Le Huffington Quebec will now start on bridging that gap.  I am very happy to celebrate the launch and see it as an important part of a movement that brings the Quebec general population’s focus online; to be open to new ideas & ways of communicating.

Montreal and Quebec are full of culture, full of active people not only interested in business but in society, in multiculturalism, the arts, politics, leisure, food – (I could go on)… this is a huge opportunity , a breakthrough which I believe will energize the population and get things moving as we connect and engage on a local level as well as internationally.

According to Arianna Huffington, this will mark the first time that two editions of the Huffington Post will appear in one country. To those of us who live in Quebec, it is clear that our culture is slightly different, we have our own “flavor” and I think it is fantastic that this French language version of the Post has launched with the vision of adding to the conversation.

Even more fantastic, is the post from the editor, thoughtfully posted in English on the “Huffington Canada” Post – to share the vision for the new site with everyone:

“We think that, in the current financial times, the launch of a new media player in Quebec provides a breath of fresh air that says the future is indeed online. ” – Patrick White, Managing Editor of HuffPost Québec, on the launch of the French-language site for Quebecers.

Bravo @Huffpostquebec ~ Looking forward to reading your news & joining the conversation!


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