A lot of the focus on content marketing goes into the importance of learning how to create good content, however, one very important aspect is often overlooked – the importance of listening.

@tullycaster-@Julien-@Mllebourque-@Craigsilverman-ContentMTL-Content-Montreal-Collaborative-ThinkingAs the social web evolves businesses are realizing more and more that they have to participate. That as business people it’s natural to use all resources to deliver a message and gain support or generate sales. Whether it’s for non profit or profit, organizations can capitalize on the activity of the population online. They need to jump in.

Focus is now shifting to the “trend” of content marketing. Attention is rightfully going into learning “how to” – but perhaps the most important aspect comes in the realization that content marketing is simply part of an equation.

How do you learn content marketing?

Learning and understanding the Interests of your intended audience(s) is primary, this varies from business to business.

Given this, perhaps the best way to learn content marketing is to start by understanding the values of your organization and come up with a social policy that can guide creative ways to represent the values through social sharing (content).

The most important part is what comes next: reading reactions to adapt and responding accordingly.

Sound complicated?

It doesn’t have to be, jump in, feel the currents and swim.
You won’t be strong at first, but as you start to listen, you will get stronger.

Avoid getting lost in the theory and start your practice

Organizations that will focus too much on the theory of content marketing stand to lose on the actual intention of it: the ability to build the relationship with the intended audiences – understanding who they are, and how you can help them.


I participated in a Content Marketing Panel today, following a very informative and engaging workshop by world renowned author, digital marketer, acclaimed professor and friend Mark Schaefer.


From the conversation that ensued, I wanted to start my reflection and sharing on this incredible event today with a statement and question for you:

People may not be listening to the reactions of their audience because they are so focused on the actual practice of creating content…


I see this as one of the biggest challenges for businesses looking to adapt to the current environment.


  • Is this an issue with the growing “trend” ?

    What is content worth without the other piece of the puzzle? The listening piece?

  • Is there really conversation happening without that, and how do you think a business will fare if they create, listen and adapt vs. creating content by a set list of “best practices” that focus on the content itself rather than the reactions?

Is content marketing so overwhelming to a business that the core of what you are trying to accomplish is lost in the overwhelming task of delivering the content itself?

To succeed you need to start with understanding, to understand you have to listen.

What do you think – time to jump in?

How do you approach content marketing today?

What are your challenges?