An update on #140MTL

I love this quote by Christopher Reeve, tweeted out by JD Andrews. JD is a person I met on Twitter, who I follow for his wonderful travel insights, links and pictures – if you don’t know him, he is definitely one to follow.

In regard to this wonderful quote, I can’t think of anything more relevant to what happens when people put their minds together and commit to making dreams come true. Nothing is impossible in this world, and I think that the 140 Conferences are a great way of connecting with people and seeing this first hand, one on one. We can all say “anything is possible”, but when you are surrounded by people making it happen, suddenly magic happens and you are on your way.

Update: May 6, 2012

Several Months have gone by, and the #140MTL is just a couple days away! We’ve announced an incredible speaker line up, thanks to some great friends old and new, and wonderful speaker outreach from Josepf Haslam, it’s all added up to a fantastic team of people who have come together invested in making this event a great success –  a group of people who truly know community. Every single one of the speakers, and everyone involved is amazing, and I look forward to sharing this day with them and all of you!

So have you reserved your place yet? It’s time to go! See you there!

In order to avoid confusion, with the close proximity of #140MTL just being days away now, I have moved the old “Update” post here:
October 24, 2011 Post from the archives: An Update on #140MTL

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