This is an idea, it’s actually an idea about sharing ideas. I am inviting you to share your ideas on how to promote positive change, how to make a difference in this world, in 15 seconds or less. Are you up for the challenge? Come on, it’s easy!

Help Build The Mosaic

Tell us, What do you do to be a positive force in this world?

Here is the first idea -share yours… Maybe something closer to home? Please add it in!

Add yours via a video reply (click here to do this), Your Tout will work its way into this one. Every idea shared could start a chain of small change that grows and spreads.

Spread social good. Tell me about your projects. It could be something small , like spreading smiles or hugs – or something bigger, like a corporate initiative, or a non profit cause – anything that you think you or I could do to bring change and spread positivity, hope and make this world a better place.

What things do you do in your life? With your family? Through the office?

Please join me in creating this collection, I think that if we put all our thoughts together, the mosaic of ideas from around the world will be truly formidable.

Spread the good, share your idea now – all it takes is 15 seconds! Let’s do it, let’s #BeTheChange by sharing our ideas and inspiring those around us!