The Canada Geese are flying home – a sure sign of spring. More than that however, in Montreal – the real start to spring is the St. Patrick’s Day festivities which include a full out parade.

This year  marks the 189th annual  St. Patrick’s Day parade in Montreal.

Photo by Peter McCabe 2011

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Photo by @espagnodutchie

Photo by @espagnodutchie


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Making the Parade Totally Social

Guessing this is a record crowd for St. Patrick's Day pa... on Twitpic

The Montreal Gazette is not only celebrating the event, but making it totally social!

Planning to attend the parade on Sunday? We’ll be doing an all-photo live blog of the event and you can contribute to it. Just take a photo of the St. Patrick’s festivities on your mobile phone and send it to [email protected]

Check out the parade as it happens at live.montrealgazette.com, starting at noon.

Read more from the Montreal Gazette here.





Traditional Celtic Celebrations

The St. Patrick’s Society held their annual luncheon yesterday, with guest speaker Dr. Kathy Reichs, followed by the annual Charity Ball, a Sold-out celebration of Celtic community which raised over $50,000.



“The Montreal St. Patrick’s Parade has run consecutively since 1824 and has been organized by the United Irish Societies of Montreal since 1928.” -United Irish Societies of Montreal


All in all its a weekend of fun and excitement. I for one am VERY curious to see what @Totaldiving‘s @DarcyKieran will do in this year’s parade! Let me just say… last year, there were Mermaids!


From Green Beer, to Mermaids, Montreal loves St. Patrick’s day! It’s a day full of traditions, and sure to be filled with good luck!

What are your St. Patrick’s day traditions? how do you bring the green into your day?