“Your job is to make me look good.”

The first time I heard someone say that, I thought, what an obnoxious saying. Lately, the more I think about it, the more I see it is true. The phrasing is a little rough, but the reality is there, all of our jobs are to make someone look or feel good. If we do this, we will have success.

I’ll take care of you, you take care of me.

  • Your clients want you to make them feel valued and while you are at it save them or make them money and help them be successful.
  • Your employees want the same thing
  • Your company wants the same
  • Your Facebook fans and Twitter followers also want this – give them something to share that makes them funny, smart, helpful, compassionate…or smile.

You get the picture.

At the end of it all, you want this too.

You need to surround yourself with people who “make you look good”.

As I was thinking about this, I came across this tweet from tonight’s “Lead From Within” twitter chat:

Forget about the Jargon : Focus on Community

Forget about marketing, about objectives, about all the jargon that leads you to read more about how to be successful online (and off) and stop for a minute and think about how powerful it is when you have a community around you who cares, who supports you, who believes in you and essentially through all that makes you feel good, which in turn makes you look good.

I am thankful for my communities, for these people every day.

If a brand accomplishes this, then I am beyond “wowed”.

When you take a look around, who is driving your success, and how do you help lift the people around you get where they are going?

When you take a look around, who is driving your success, and how do you help lift the people around you get where they are going?

How often do you think about that, and how often are you focused on making people look good?

Focus on that. It’s a two way street, and if you focus on your side…the rest just follows.

What do you think?

  • When you think about the people around you, about your success, what are your keys?
  • More notably, what happens when we don’t make the people around us look good, when there is no support, when people are out for themselves?  Isn’t that what really drives the differences between success and mediocrity?

We are living in an interesting time, where social media allows us to live in this environment where people & brands who work as a team, who share and are giving  and who recognize others see success – it’s not unlike the “real life world” – it just is a little harder to see. If you take a close look whether it’s in the workplace or in circles of friends,  it’s those groups who have the confidence and generosity to spotlight those around them, who provide opportunities and share freely, who create cultures of success and creativity.

It’s not about social media. It’s about leadership, life and curating positive behaviors that attract & keep positive people around us – cultures of success.