What happens when you bring social into the workplace?

  • Employee voices become important and heard
  • Issues rise to the surface, as a result they get addressed, and things become stronger and better
  • Your product quality becomes a spotlight – open to attack at any time- therefore will be reinforced by integrity
  • Your Customer Service comes under scrutiny – you have to live up to your promises – you are accountable
  • Your fans become advocates
  • Your critics become the force turning you onto positive change
  • You actually start to listen
  • Feedback is real and not solicited
  • You have the world to answer to. Not just your boss, not just your team or one client. The world.
  • You, as a company, must define and know who you are. You don’t just recite a mission statement, you feel it and live it. (If you don’t understand this, read my recent post on Branding)

How long are you going to stand there and watch things pass you by? How long are you going to stick to what you have always done, while the world and your consumers change around you?

It shouldn’t be that way, it shouldn’t take all this to make you do all these things for your businesses, but social does do this for you. If forces you to question, to reinforce, to be greater.


      That is why for any business who truly wants to be great (or thinks they are already) – getting into social is one hell of a great way to get your business in order!

Every aspect of your business must be aligned.

What’s Holding You Back?

All your fears of getting into social, all your concerns – I believe they all stem from your unconscious belief that you, in fact, are not able to operate in the public eye.

Maybe that’s what companies who are not yet using social, who are dabbling in the sidelines should really think about.

Do you really have what it takes?

Then get on board. Get your business in order. Start showing the world what you’ve really got. Show your employees, your clients and your community. That’s how you’ll grow. That’s how you’ll be better.

The Alternative:

Stay where you are and keep doing what you always did – but keep in mind, some of us out there are pushing ourselves to our limits, setting the bar higher, working every day to keep being the best – and guess what, we are your competition .

Good luck.


  • Very well put, Mila. And this is a great point: “All your fears of getting into social, all your concerns – I believe they all stem from your unconscious belief that you, in fact, are not able to operate in the public eye.”As true for companies as it is for individuals.

    • PaulBiedermann thank you Paul! Indeed, its a harsh statement, but I believe it to be true. If you don’t have your business in order, it makes it a huge liability to put yourself in the public eye. Its understandable why many organizations are hesitant to get involved, but really it should serve as an indicator that its time to start examining whats going on at every level of your business. Start tightening processes, increase accountability and make those moves to make yourself all you need to be online and off! Just staying out of things (on social) doesn’t really solve your problem does it?! 

  • karimacatherine

    I like! Well said Mila.

    • karimacatherine Thank you Karima! There are so many benefits to getting involved with Social. A lot of people just see the immediate implications: opening social accounts, finding time to manage them, etc. The truth is that being involved in social requires a base at the core of the business. Thank you so much for your comment!

  • Ironically, I think that many people chose to leave employment in companies to become entrepreneurs or owners of their own businesses because they don’t want someone looking over their shoulder.The reality is that we are into an era when “everyone” can look over your shoulder.As you say, being open and accountable is very difficult. As businesses, we have been trained to keep our cards close to your chest and that there was a strict separation between “social” and business.We now find ourselves in a situation where business IS social and as much as we try to delegate social media to the marketing dept. or outsource to a “listening” company, once the foot is in the door, it’s not long before all stakeholders in the company walk right in, sit down on the chesterfield, grabb a coffee and ask, “so, what’s new?”Thanks for this morning’s mind nutrition 😉

    • m7mdfadel

      nice post ^_^

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