We had an amazing evening at the #140conf Montreal Meetup, I want to thank everyone who came out, tweeted in on the hashtag, and joined us via the Facebook event page to make the evening so memorable. Following presentations by Jeff Pulver and Erica Diamond, we moved our event to the beautiful Osco! restaurant attached to the Sara B. Bar at the Intercontinental Montreal.

We had a great mix of people, some completely new to social media, and many “pro’s” blogging or using social media for business, sharing or personal communication.

It was really interesting as I got feedback from the event afterwards to hear so many people use the word inspiring.

Inspiring because people shared their stories, met in real life, and talked about what they have been doing, sharing who they are, and simply communicating.

Immediately after the event I posted the pictures on Facebook for all of the guests to see. I was touched by so many of the comments, but the most striking was by my friend, and upcoming #140confMTL May 2012 speaker, Montreal Director and Animator, J.C. Little :

@LittleAnimation and @Fleur_de_lotus Meeting for the first time.

At the reception we got to understand the true vision of the #140conf – that it is not about Twitter, it is about connections and what is happening amongst us as we in the population of the world begin to use Social Media to connect and communicate. The conference is about sharing these experiences, from all perspectives.

We are putting out an “unofficial” call for speakers, looking for people and organizations interested in sharing how they’ve been using Social Media to engage their communities and build relationships. If you, or someone you know would like to be involved please email us at [email protected]

J.C. (@littleanimation) shared her experience, please share yours below and let’s keep connecting!



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  • sharon_hy

    Inspiring. This is exactly the word I used when Mila asked me what I thought of the event! Being new to the Social Media world, I just did not know what to expect before going to the event/cocktail. After hearing Jeff Pulver’s and Erica Diamond’s presentations, they immediately got me interested and intrigued in the power and impact Social Media could have …from hearing stories of the feeling of belonging and security it could bring to a lonely child to how powerfully it could transcend messages to simply sharing inspiring quotes with others…

    Also, meeting, speaking and sharing stories with avid social media users (and even newbies like myself) were in themselves truly inspiring. If this is just a taste of what is to be heard, seen and felt at the upcoming #140MTLConference then I cannot imagine how amazing it will be!!

    • Milaspage

      sharon_hy Sharon, thank you for this amazing comment! jeffpulver has truly created a wonderful forum through the #140conf to share these stories and connections and I was truly thrilled to see your experience from the meetup. Thank you so much for your help, we are going to have a great time at 140conf in May! Until then, wishing you happy holidays&an exciting new year! & a big congrats on your new position!!! fleur_de_lotus manonc1sports grumblegirl lindsaymic momsofamerica arlenetaveroff anndouglas purplr montreal_mom soniadima onejillian beingmarci