A Simple Rule to Manage Your Marketing : Stop Thinking it’s “just marketing”

Protect your marketing investment: A simple formula to manage results, make reasonable demands, and how to know when you're being taken advantage of. The environment right now is so competitive, and new that there are few people in the mass of "marketers" who truly understand how to market properly. They are learning too. So what is happening is that even they are throwing numbers and results out based on analytics , basic buzz words and attribute numbers to them...You need to understand the basics to protect your business.

Marketing Madness: Content marketing and the importance of listening #ContentMTL

Before focusing too much on all the best practices and theories of Content Marketing, your best bet is to start by listening. Buzz words have created too much confusion for business owners. Making them feel lost in the online space. The key to finding success with content marketing is making sure that a large part of the activity is about listening.

10 Tips for Non-Profit Social Media Success

I had the pleasure of speaking at PodCamp East recently. My talk was on "Cultivating Zombies or Activating communities". We covered quite a bit of ground, so, I thought I would highlight some of the tips we tal...

4 Key Reasons to Go Mobile | Social Media Marketing |

Mapping out how Small Businesses, Representatives and your personal "Brand" can extend the reach. ...Continued from  Let’s start speaking the same language | Branding & Communication. Which focuses on cl...