The contributions parents give their children in their upbringing are the most valuable gifts a person can ever receive in life. These gifts through actions and by giving example empower us as individuals to move forward, to have confidence, to never give up, to succeed and feel loved. These are gifts that not only drive us in life but allow us to impact our world in a positive way, multiplying the effects in everything we do and by everyone we touch. As women, the gifts a father gives us carry into our lives as we grow, helping set the standards for who we become involved with, what our standards will be, how we will push forward through failure, and success at home, at work and in life. The relationship between a father and daughter is precious.

This Father’s day, in honor of my father and father’s everywhere who change the world through their leadership, sacrifice, caring and drive, I’d like to share my list of the Most Precious Gifts a Father Gives Their Daughter.

1. The Gift of Acceptance & Trust.

2. The Gift of Self Esteem and Courage.

3. The Gift of Persistence.

4. The Gift of Learning.

5. The Gift of Caring.

6. The Gift of Confidence.

7. The Gift of Empowerment.

8. The Gift of Being Part of Something.

9. The Gift of Forgiveness.

10. The Gift of Discipline.

11. The Gift of Patience and Unconditional Love.

12. The Gift of Showing Value and Respect Towards Women Through Example.

Whether you have sons or daughters your contributions are gifts

None of these gifts cost money, yet they are the most precious in the world. It’s not easy to do all these things, father’s are humans just like you and me, yet they take on this enormous role – the shaping of a human, as they themselves work through life. For Father’s day think of all the things your Dad may have done for you, and share with them how their actions truly touched and impacted your life, maybe through this: the gift of acknowledgement, you can show them how very much having a good dad meant to you.

A father is not made by simply having a child, a father is made by the time spent, and the care put in by a man for a child.

Step Father’s, Uncles, Friends, sometimes it takes a community to raise a child. To all those men who have taken on a child and been this “Father” , this day belongs to you too. Never underestimate the deep impact you have made through your generosity and care.

You are all Hero’s.

Being a parent, a leader, a mentor, a father is one of the hardest jobs out there, yet through love, Father’s find a way. A Very Happy Father’s day to my Dad, and to all the Dad’s out there!

There is deep gratitude for all the gifts you give me, your children, and the world by leading by example.

What are the greatest gifts your father brought you?

Your fondest memories?

As a Dad, what are your aspirations? How do you make the difference in your family? Do any of the points resonate with you?

Let’s celebrate Father’s, join the discussion in the comments.